Emily Kyle and Benja min Rodkey, Red Lion, Sept. 1, a daughter.

Heather (Morgan) and Austin Cusumano, Manchester, Sept. 1, a daughter.

Emily (DeGroft) and Luke Diehl, Hanover, Sept. 2, a son.

Jessica Eckard and Kevin Leavenworth, York, Sept. 2, a son.

Carleigh (Hickman) and Calvin Ambrose, New Freedom, Sept. 2, a son.

Holly and Paul Kitzmil ler, Manchester, Sept. 3, a son.

Kayla Richcreek and Kenneth Murtiff Jr., York, Sept. 3, a son.

Courtney (Shinsky) and Gregory Pigg, York, Sept. 3, a daughter.

Chiann McCowin Bashir and Joshua Sexton, York, Sept. 3, a son.

Rebecca Lynch and John Rupert, Thomasville, Sept. 3, a daughter.

Denise Messersmith and Brandon Sharp, York, Sept. 3, a daughter.

Katherine Kazinski and Brinden Jamison, York, Sept. 3, a daughter.

Lindsay (Jones) and Zachary Strausbaugh, Dover, Sept. 4, a daughter.

Marcia Kennedy Miller and David Murray II, York, Sept. 4, a daughter.