Carrie Overton and Justin Meyers Sr., York, Sept. 10, a son.

Constance Crawford and Brandon Wolfe, York, Sept. 11, a son.

Erika Benford and Mi chael Howington, Hanover, Sept. 11, a daughter.

Jennifer Lynes and Shawn Harris, Dover, Sept. 12, a son.

Christine (DeNeve) and Nathan Bucks, York, Sept. 12, a daughter.

Candice Reagan and Mike Gladfelter, Gettysburg, Sept. 12, a daughter.

Desiree (Schmuck) and Jason Chittum, Glen Rock, Sept. 12, a daughter.

Heidi (Palcko) and David Garber, York, Sept. 13, a son.

Nicole (Smith) and James Helton, Dover, Sept. 13, a son.

Jessica Bennett and Rustee Furst, Windsor, Sept. 13, a son.