Danika Bury and Ben Sette, Red Lion, Sept. 23, a son.

Claudia and Randy Ramcharan, York, Sept. 24, a son.

Brooke (Schweon) and Jason Markel, York, Sept. 24, a son.

Angida Ocasio and Luis Ascencio-Ayala, York, Sept. 24, a son.

Brittany Schaale and George Day Jr., York, Sept. 24, a daughter.

Samantha Rill and Mi chael Bauer, Stewartstown, Sept. 24, a daughter.


Stacie Armstrong, New Cumberland, Sept. 1, a daughter.

Sabrina (Clark) and Jeremy Gelwicks, Dillsburg, Sept. 5, a son.

Aleksandra (Magdeeva) and Eric Neifert, Dillsburg, Sept. 5, a son.

Stephanie (Eshleman) and Benjamin Skroban, Dillsburg, Sept. 6, a son.

Shenae Barnett and Kenneth Autry Jr., Dillsburg, Sept. 13, a son.

Rayna (Duttry) and Scott Miller, Mechanicsburg, Sept. 14, a son.

Miranda Haines, Dillsburg, Sept. 18, a daughter.

Lyndsey Reiff, Dillsburg, Sept. 19, a son.