Justus Franklin and Jamie Bange, York, Sept. 22, a son.

Nicole Weaver, Delta, Sept. 30, a daughter.

Brittany Anderson and Tyler Forry, York Haven, Sept. 30, a daughter.

Heather (Balthaser) and Cory Ackerman, York, Sept. 30, a daughter.

Taylor Minnich and Aaron Smith, York, Oct. 1, a son.

Crystal and Ryan Bas tress, Seven Valleys, Oct. 1, a son.

Jess Lambert and Billy Lehr Jr., York, Oct. 1, a daughter.

Dana (Parr) and Charles Schnick, Wrightsville, Oct. 1, a son.

Julieta Martinez and Jeronimo Yanez, York, Oct. 1, a daughter.

Monique (Stauffer) and Kevin Klunk, Hanover, Oct. 1, a daughter.

Carrie (Spader) and Thomas Vigeant, Dover, Oct. 2, a son.

Estelle Brush and Jerry Stern, York Haven, Oct. 2, a daughter.

Johannys (Roman-Ortiz) and Jonatan Cruz, York, Oct. 2, a son.

Jennifer (Miller) and Brandon Wagner, Etters, Oct. 2, a daughter.