Tuoi Lee and Peter Lam, York, Oct. 17, a son.

Amanda Jordan and Jay Smallwood, York, Oct. 17, a son.

Michelle Cobb and Christopher Hibner, York, Oct. 17, a son.

Kayla Gillis Martin and Kenell Chisholm, York, Oct. 17, a daughter.

Jamie and Adam Buser, York, Oct. 18, a son.

Sarah and Craig Geb hart, East Berlin, Oct. 18, a daughter.

Nicole Cornish and Daniel Bair, York, Oct. 18, a daughter.

Amy (Cunningham) and William Lemus, York, Oct. 18, a son.

Cassandra (Renoll) and Corey Rohrbaugh, York, Oct. 18, a son.

Hope (Barrett) and Todd Reichart, Hanover, Oct. 18, twins, a son and a daughter.

Julie (McGraw) and Mark Shupp, York, Oct. 19, a son.

Laura (Royt) and James Pursell, Dillsburg, Oct. 19, a son.

Jessica (Naugle) and Chad Shue, Hanover, Oct. 19, a daughter.

Amy Duncan and Brandon Urey, Red Lion, Oct. 19, a daughter.

Kimberly (Winters) and Brandon Myers, Manchester, Oct. 19, a daughter.

Kathryn (Brillhart) and Anthony Hall, York, Oct. 20, a son.