Abbie Forry and Jabree Andrews, York, Jan. 1, a daughter.

Kristina and Jeffrey Ludwig Jr., York, Jan. 2, a son.

Laura (Khalil) and John Witt, Red Lion, Jan. 2, a daughter.

Destiny Rizzo and Nich olas Puelzt, Glen Rock, Jan. 2, a daughter.

Heather (Chinault) and Jeffrey Shellenberger, York, Jan. 2, a daughter.

Becky and Chris Bu chinski, Mount Wolf, Jan. 2, twins, a son and a daughter.

Breann Rankin and Joseph Garcia, York, Jan. 3, a son.

Gail (Traylor) and Aaron Anderson, York, Jan. 3, a son.

Lisbeth Rodriguez and Garrell Tyler, York, Jan. 3, a son.

Marieandonia and An thony Calderone, York, Jan. 3, a son.

Danielle and Daniel Pomraning, Airville, Jan. 3, a daughter.

Jessica (Eisenhour) and Erik Tierney, York, Jan. 4, a son.

Brandi Ketterman and Andrew Shoff, York, Jan. 4, a son.