Kendal (Ness) and Gregory Cole, New Freedom, Jan. 14, a daughter.

Brooke (Shoemaker) and Jacob Fike, Dover, Jan. 14, a daughter.

Cheryl Decker and Aharon Golden, York, Jan. 15, a son.

Nikki and Brian Dona hue, York, Jan. 15, a son.

Chasity Smith and Wayne Enfield, Brogue, Jan. 15, a son.

Tara Reed and Erik Jacobs, Spring Grove, Jan. 16, a son.

Bernarda Mozo-Areba lo, York, Jan. 16, twin daughters.

Brooke Benney and Matthew Riley, Felton, Jan. 16, a daughter.

Katie (Coleman) and James Roberts, York, Jan. 17, a daughter.

Si'Yauna Freeland and Israel Rivera, York, Jan. 17, a daughter.

Beth (Frankenberger) and Charles Main, York, Jan. 17, a son.