Holly (Peters) and Mi chael Tice, York, March 20, a son.

Erica McGuire and Kevin Miller, York, March 21, a daughter.

Jennifer (White) and Stephen Ritchey, York, March 21, a son.

Kathryn (Nicholson) and Douglas Winter, Red Lion, March 21, a son.

Ninoshka Hernandez and Jonathan Carrasquillo, York, March 21, a son.

Virginia and EC Holmes, York, March 22, a daughter.

Juli Leal and Steven Morris, Stewartstown, March 22, a son.

Sara (Reaver) and Kris Mowery, York, March 22, a daughter.

Ericka (Grimaldi) and Caleb Stewart, York, March 22, a daughter.

Tanya (Parker) and Donald Hoskins, Red Lion, March 22, a daughter.

Ashley (Small) and Kyle Frey, York, March 23, a son.

Alyx Christenson and Mike Shope, Dover, March 23, a son.

Ashley Ruhl and Justin Alwood, York, March 23, a daughter.

Anna Settlage and Erik Staggs, South Mountain, March 23, a son.

Vienna (Smallwood) and Timothy Berry, York Haven, March 23, a daughter.

Megan (Shirey) and Neal Erickson, York, March 24, a daughter.