Lisa (Nycum) and Ray Keil, Stewartstown, April 3, a son.

Erica and Daniel Fisher, Gardners, April 3, a daughter.

Kristin and Paul Melton, York, April 4, a son.

Adelle (Rommel) and Craig Campbell, York, April 4, a son.

Amy (Elicker) and Kyle Wasser, East Berlin, April 4, twin sons.

Kaci Sebring and Christopher Walker, Gettysburg, April 4, a son.

Charlene Robinson and Ryan Eaton, Wrightsville, April 4, a daughter.

Erica Mays and Dorian Walker, York, April 5, a son.

Tanya Rubio and Alkeem Harris, York, April 5, a son.

Claudia Castelan and Jesus Vega, Mechanicsburg, April 5, a son.

Dana (Kohler) and Jef frey Roberts, Red Lion, April 5, a daughter.

Meghan (Lauver) and David Buscarini, York, April 6, a son.

Amber (Boyd) and Bradley Enderlein, York, April 6, a daughter.