Enniyei Smith and Waleed Speights, York, April 16, a daughter.

Tabitha Knaub and Tyler McCabe, Dover, April 17, a daughter.

Marlisse (Bittrich) and Randy Meadows, York, April 17, a daughter.

Sarah (Deller) and Mitchell Warner, Yoe, April 18, a daughter.

Rebecca (Kearney) and Derrick Robbins, York, April 18, a daughter.

Kaela Glatfelter and Jason Kapp, York, April 19, a son.

Jennifer Schueg and Justin Brown, York, April 19, a son.

Amanda (Hursh) and Jacob Shuey, York, April 19, a daughter.

Lisa (Wagman) and Mi chael Glezer, York, April 19, a daughter.

Cayla Harrold and Ter rance Burkins, Delta, April 19, a daughter.

Beth (Deardorff) and Colby Wentz, Spring Grove, April 19, a son.

Ashley (Morrison) and Matthew Zink, Columbia, April 19, a daughter.

Danielle Koller and Jeff Taylor, Dallastown, April 20, a son.