Brooke (Emig) and An thony Dagle, Westminster, Md., June 18, a daughter.

Melissa (Cohen) and Robert McColligan, Jacobus, June 20, a daughter.

Emily and Richard Hack, Thomasville, June 20, a son.

Kayla Bell and William Barnes, Dover, June 20, a son.

Lindsey Pedrick, Mount Wolf, June 20, a son.

Tonya (Downs) and Travis King, Red Lion, June 21, a daughter.

Sarah Martin-Torres and Angel Torres, York, June 21, a son.

Tanaya Monroe and Todd Conrad, Littlestown, June 21, a son.

Emma (Young) and Chad Diehl, Abbottstown, June 21, a son.

Jaine (Orsinger) and Don Benedict, York, June 21, a daughter.

Kelsey Hynson and Allen Claiborne, York, June 21, a son.

Monica (Kury) and John Gingrow, York, June 22, a daughter.

Kayla (Johnson) and Kenneth Boyer, York, June 22, a son.

Elizabeth (Beshore) and Benjamin Ruby, York, June 22, a son.