Stacie Johnson and Robert Price, York, June 25, a daughter.

Jamie (Forbes) and Chad Myers, York, June 27, a son.

Crystal Norfolk and Chad Fullerton, York, June 27, a son.

Melissa (Jeffries) and Casey Prather, Shrewsbury, June 27, a daughter.

Amy (Myers) and Joseph Fisher, Yoe, June 27, a son.

Lora (Foster) and Josh Workinger, York, June 27, a son.

Yessenia Avevedo, York, June 27, twin daughters.

Alicia Gonzalez and Williem Polito, York, June 28, a daughter.

Amanda Campbell and Brady Bain, Windsor, June 28, a son.

Alicia Myers and Jason Stokes, East Berlin, June 28, a son.

Emma (Clouser) and Thomas Melhorn, York, June 28, a son.

Cheryl and Drew Via, York, June 28, a son.

Sarah (Muller) and John Rhine, Dallastown, June 28, a daughter.

Candace Farrell and Erick Sadler, Stewartstown, June 29, a son.

Naiima Yanez-Minero and Javier Rivera, Dillsburg, June 29, a son.

Animari (Fermaint) and Kevin Lyle, Windsor, June 29, a son.

Zaraida Colon and Juan Feliciano, York, June 29, a daughter.

Alexis (Makrias) and Matthew Montgomery, York, June 29, a son.


Jessie (Shank) and Justin Gillman, Dover, June 29, a daughter.

Kimberly (Jarrett) and Jason Ross, Red Lion, June 29, a daughter.