Shannon (Lozzi) and Mi chael Fleegle, York, Aug. 5, a daughter.

Miosotis Ortiz and Keith Bull, York, Aug. 7, a son.

Gladis and Miguel Sil verio, York, Aug. 7, a son.

Breezy Legore and Colby Gibson, York, Aug. 8, a son.

Alicia (Zankl) and Drew Klinedinst, York, Aug. 8, a son.

Callie Saylor and Casey Little, Red Lion, Aug. 8, a son.

Kellie (Murray) and Jerret Lutz, York, Aug. 9, a son.

Kristina (Krouse) and Michael Greenwaldt, Windsor, Aug. 9, a daughter.

Kayla (Helm) and Colby Betz, York Springs, Aug. 9, a son.

Abbie (Liek) and James Chappell Jr., Felton, Aug. 9, a son.

Dawn (Brawner) and R. Damien Mundie, Hanover, Aug. 9, a daughter.

Terri Inners and Craig Hess, York, Aug. 9, a son.

Alexandrea (Grim) and Zackery Hollinger, Dover, Aug. 9, a son.

Amy (Hempfing) and Jeff Cottone, Shippensburg, Aug. 9, a daughter.

Jessica (McCormick) and Samuel Abel, York, Aug. 9, a daughter.

Nicole (Runkle) and Heather Kreiser, York, Aug. 10, a son.