Debra Doubrava and Keith Fair, Glen Rock, July 26, a daughter.

Brittany (Smeltzer) and Allen Cook, Wrightsville, July 26, a son.

Chantelle Owen and Buddy Presgraves, Hanover, July 26, a daughter.

Amanda (Patterson) and Brandon Auman, York, July 27, a daughter.

Laura (Schumacher) and Michael Enslen, New Freedom, Aug. 4, a son.

Patricia Fortner and Abiezer Muniz-Lagares, Spring Grove, Aug. 4, a son.

Lakeysia Hubbard and Robert Blunt, York, Aug. 4, a son.

Brooke Emig and Mat thew Steele, York, Aug. 5, a daughter.

Gilsther Morales and Daniel Diaz, Chambersburg, Aug. 5, a daughter.

Annette (Ciesielski) and Steve Bell, Hallam, Aug. 4, a daughter.

Brandilynne (Haley-Drescher) and Christopher Landis, Red Lion, Aug. 5, a daughter.

Danielle Rice and Jason Kuria, York, Aug. 11, a son and a daughter.