Dalena and Bryan Wal lick, York, Sept. 27, a son.

Judy (Henise) and Adam Lauchman, York, Sept. 27, a daughter.

Ta'Zhanik Banks, York, Sept. 28, a daughter.

Elizabeth (Boyer) and Jay Hossler, Hanover, Sept. 28, a daughter.

Jessica (Pryor) and Steven Smith, York, Sept. 28, a son.

Roseanne (Duonnolo) and Brett Lovelace, Holtwood, Lancaster County, Sept. 28, a son.

Sarah Blevins, York, Sept. 28, a daughter.

Frances Risser and Nicholas Waldner, York, Sept. 28, a daughter.

Evelyn (Lucas) and Andrew Hull, Red Lion, Sept. 28, a daughter.

Layla (Buckman) and Adam Sharnetzka, Dallastown, Sept. 29, a daughter.

Desiree and Brandon Hake, Brogue, Sept. 29, a daughter.

Shandra (Wark) and Shane Laughman, Hanover, Sept. 29, a son.