Stacey (Baker) and Christopher Dull, Dover, Oct. 9, a daughter.

Tammy (Scusselle) and Jason Shoff, Dover, Oct. 9, a daughter.

Leeanna Pogue and Destry Arnold, York Haven, Oct. 9, a daughter.

Nicole and Seth Riddle, York, Oct. 10, a daughter.

Sarah and Scott Smith, York, Oct. 10, a daughter.

Grace and Charlie Ba dalamenti, Windsor, Oct. 10, a daughter.

Kayla and Bruce Spiri donoff, York, Oct. 10, a daughter.

Gloria (Collins) and Wil liam Ault, Hanover, Oct. 10, a daughter.

Kristin (Persing) and Michael Sweitzer, Wrightsville, Oct. 10, a daughter.

Tricia (Kuehne) and Samuel Sutherland, York, Oct. 11, a son.

Nicolle (Myers) and Sean Krebs, York, Oct. 11, a daughter.

Ashley (Ewell) and Ben jamin Garner, Red Lion, Oct. 12, a daughter.

Kai Washington and Andrew Mercado, York, Oct. 12, a daughter.

Emily Hildebrand and Sean Merryman, Hanover, Oct. 12, a son.

Jennifer (Miller) and Steven Pickel, New Freedom, Oct. 12, a daughter.