Megan Lau and Sean Bull, York, Oct. 11, a daughter.

Kaitlynn Poe and Ryan Ramsey, Dover, Oct. 16, a daughter.

Amber (Conway) and Michael Bowers, Spring Grove, Oct. 17, a daughter.

Elizabeth Pineda and Kelvin Martinez, York, Oct. 17, a son.

Erin and Christian Wil kinson, York, Oct. 18, a son.

Isabel Blount and Jaime Escobar, York, Oct. 18, a son.

Jessica (Breeden) and Darwin Craul II, Dallastown, Oct. 18, a son.

Jessica (Routt) and John Mowery II, York, Oct. 18, a daughter.

Tammy Miller and Mi chael Neyer, Red Lion, Oct. 19, a son.

Crystal Sleeger and Pierre McMillion Jr., Thomasville, Oct. 19, a son.

Kristy Lurz and Jason Henning, Delta, Oct. 19, a son.

Tracy (Elliott) and Eric Yost, Newberry Township, Oct. 19, a son.

Rachel (Robinson) and Michael Smith, Red Lion, Oct. 20, a son.