Amy Brant and Jeremie Ecker, Glenville, Oct. 23, a son.

Lisa Williams and Roy Woods, Seven Valleys, Oct. 23, a daughter.

Erica Robinson and Eric Roseberry, York, Oct. 24, a son.

Amanda Miller and Melvin Vassor, York, Oct. 24, a son.

Tary and R. Marcellus Gotwalt, York, Oct. 24, a daughter.

Carly Bolton and Mark Artko, Marietta, Oct. 25, a daughter.

Buffy (Young) and Marcus Richardson, York, Oct. 25, a daughter.

Ashley and Jason Plou mis, Windsor, Oct. 25, a son.

Zanie (Aldinger) and David Howard, York, Oct. 25, a son.

Genesis Ventura and Alec Miller, York, Oct. 25, a daughter.

Ledia (Boyd) and Shane Nace, Mount Wolf, Oct. 25, a son.

Kristy (Dubbs) and Justin Conrad, York, Oct. 25, a son.

Ronielle Kirkland and Julius Little, York, Oct. 26, a daughter.

Rachel Elliott and Todd Groft, Glen Rock, Oct. 26, a daughter.

Chris Lloyd and Norman Myers Jr., New Oxford, Oct. 26, a son.

Nichole (Trimmer) and Adam Marsh, York, Oct. 26, a son.