April Ross and Michael Lawver, York, Nov. 5, a daughter.

Ashley Hess and Robert Ward, Dallastown, Nov. 7, a daughter.

Erin (Shriver) and Chuck Herre, York, Nov. 7, a daughter.

Talisha Long and Paul Goodin Sr., York, Nov. 7, a son.

Heather (Long) and Benjamin Sterner, Spring Grove, Nov. 7, a son.

Veronuca Vallejo and Juan Carlos Rivera, York, Nov. 8, a daughter.

Ashley (Howard) and Tyler Schnetzka, Red Lion, Nov. 8, a daughter.

Franchesca DeLeon and Michael Johnson Jr., York, Nov. 8, a daughter.

Natasha (Trodden) and Brian Rohrbaugh, Dallastown, Nov. 9, a son.

Erica Stover, Dover, Nov. 9, a daughter.

Melanie (Cording) and Kevin White, Spring Grove, Nov. 9, a daughter.

Terri and Chad Masem er, Thomasville, Nov. 10, a daughter.