Jessica and Brian Anderson: of York, March 12, a daughter.

Amanda (Henise) and Christopher Kraft: of Red Lion, March 17, a son.

Tanya Merkel and Randy Schrum: of Windsor, March 18, a daughter.

Lisa (Crane) Lehigh: of Dallastown, March 18, a son.

Tina (Wagner) and Graham Hollis: of York, March 18, a son.

Amanda Funke and Garrett Sharp: of Manchester, March 18, a daughter.

Abigail and Ryan Leiphart: of Red Lion, March 19, a son.

Jen (Moore) and Kris Baumgartner: of York, March 19, a son.

Amy and Jonnie Litsinger: of York, March 19, a son.

Tina and John Cothran: of Dover, March 19, a daughter.

Monae Rector and Carlos Ferron: of York, March 20, a son.