Kacey Zirkle and Brendan Krouse II: Mount Wolf, May 2, a daughter.

Emily Warner and Joshua Markle: Fairfield, May 4, a son.

Jennifer (Forry) and Scott Sweezey: Seven Valleys, May 5, a son.

Debbie Foster: York, May 5, a daughter.

Shamea (Jiles) and Casey Addison: York, May 5, a son.

Tanya Pearce and Luke Walker, Stewartstown: May 5, a son.

Stefanie (Rapp) and Matthew Jordan: York, May 6, a son.

Carolyn and Caanen Churukha: New Oxford, May 6, a son.

Brittney (Ilyes) and Derek Markey: York, May 6, a daughter.