Jasmine Hinds and Jordan Batty: of York, May 6, a son.

Samantha Montz and Chad Martin: of Hanover, June 2, twin daughters.

Lwasia Morris and Ra'Shun Suncar: of York, June 3, a daughter.

Janice Gonzalez-Gonzalez and Heladio Gonzalez-Jaimes: of Hanover, June 4, twins, a son and a daughter.

Edith Lopez Ibarra and Cesar Rivera Sosa: of York, June 4, a daughter.

Angela (Arcuri) and Ryan Ream: of York, June 5, a daughter.

Amy (Cunningham) and William Lemus: of York, June 5, a son.

Casey (Beatty) and Kenji Hollaway: of York, June 5, a son.

Allison Percy and Cody Smith: of York, June 5, a son.

Tiffany (Verdier) and Joshua Pritt: of Gettysburg, June 5, a son.

Cortney and Alan Brooks: of Hanover, June 5, a son.

Katie (Showvaker) and Stephen Wagaman: of Aspers, June 6, a daughter.