Michelle Alvarado and Benigno Garcia: of York, June 27, a daughter.

Maghan (Freese) and Christopher Dirito: of Glen Rock, June 28, a son.

Aimee (Peters) and Lawrence Hartman: of York, June 28, a daughter.

Adrienne and Michael Crowe: of Dallastown, June 28, a daughter.

Sally (Hillson) and Casey Barnes: of York, June 28, a son.

Ashley (Kinard) and Nathan Guise: of Dover, June 28, a son.

Alana and Julian Scribner: of York, June 29, a son.

Samantha (Krigbaum)and Josh Smeltzer: of York, June 29, a daughter.

Anna (Hershner) and Joseph Hill: of Dallastown, June 29, a son.

Haley (Rodland) and Rickie Smith Jr.: of Manchester, June 30, a daughter.

Allison March and Joseph Marsden: of Windsor of Windsor, June 30, a son.