Heather Ruppert and Matt Sanchez: of Etters, Aug. 26, a son.

Leann Griffith and Greg Fuentes: of York, Aug. 27, a daughter.

Erika Latorre and Raymond Torres: of York, Aug. 27, a son.

Kelly (Artz) and Nathan Gehman: of Adamstown, Aug. 27, a daughter.

April (Walker) and Ryan Krodel: of Glen Rock, Aug. 28, a son.

Shaneka (Lewis) and Leasi Maiva: of York, Aug. 28, a daughter.

Lindsay (Foust) and John Wanner: of York, Aug. 28, a son.

Johanna Guerrero and Tanner Weishaar: of York, Aug. 28, a son.

Trista Gray and William Detwiler Jr.: of New Cumberland, Aug. 28, a son.

Kristi Carter and Eric Martenson: of York. Aug. 29, a son.

Amanda Jordan and Jay Smallwood: of York, Aug. 29, a daughter.

Soul Marie Martinez-Hernandez and Omar Martinez-Vazquez: of York, Aug. 29, a son.

Wendy and Jose Novoa: of York, Aug. 29, a son.

Rebecca Lynch and Joshua Chapman: of Thomasville, Aug. 30, a son.

Shanna (Gaumer) and Dylan Loder: of New Park, Aug. 30, a son.

Sara (Lauer) and Kent Weir: of York, Aug. 30, a son.

Jandan Kirsch and Brooks Boll: of Yorkana, Aug. 30, a son.

Amy (Landis) and Tom Eltz: of Hanover, Aug. 30, a daughter.

Elizabeth Brickner: of York, Aug. 31, a son.