York City School Board member Gary Calhoun has resigned.

Board president Margie Orr said after Monday's committee meetings that Calhoun submitted a resignation letter last week.

Calhoun was not in attendance Monday.

Orr did not elaborate on why Calhoun resigned, other than to say it had to do with personal reasons. Calhoun still has a year left on his term.

Orr said that by next Wednesday's meeting the board will decide how to fill the vacancy. They are allowed to either appoint someone - Orr got on the board by appointment, for example - or open the vacancy to outside applicants. York City Council recently accepted applications to fill the vacancy left by the death of Joanne Borders.

Orr said selecting a replacement by appointment would help save the board time.

"We've going to need all hands on deck," Orr said.

Calhoun, who was elected in 2009, voted against the district's budget this year, citing a concern about raising taxes. He also voted in 2010 in favor of renovating Davis Elementary instead of closing it.