Jeanne Tate remembers the exact day she met the man she fell in love with.

"March, 24, 2011," she said without a pause.

That was the day Tate met her boyfriend, Edward Leon Green, when they worked together at the Roosevelt Tavern in York City, she said as she sobbed Tuesday afternoon.

Tate said she was instantly drawn to Green.

"It was love at first sight," she said. "It was his smile. You could see his whole heart through his eyes."

Green, of no fixed address, was gunned down in a shooting that started behind the intersection of Hope Avenue and Green Street about 1:10 a.m. Tuesday. He was 46.

York City Police believe Green was killed during a carjacking and was running away from the person who shot him.

He was rushed to York Hospital, where he died in surgery, police said.

Funny guy: Green had been the head cook at the 50 N. Penn St. restaurant for about 20 years, said Mindy Williams, a waitress at the restaurant.

Williams said Green, who was also known as PeeWee, was a jokester and made people laugh.

"He had a real distinguishable laugh," she said. "(And) always had a good sense of humor."

When employees arrived at work Tuesday, Williams said a lot of them broke down in tears when they learned of Green's death.

The restaurant business is what Green knew, and he had dreams of opening his own eatery someday, Tate said.

Green leaves behind two sons - Jordan, 4, and Aaron, 5.

"He was an amazing dad," she said.

Loving man: Tate said the circumstances surrounding Green's death have been hard to deal with.

Apart from mainly traffic violations, Green had never been in trouble with the law, Tate said.

In fact, she added, he fought hard to live an honest life that included working hard. His last action was to run away from trouble, Tate said.

Police had said Green was living out of his car, but Tate and Williams said he was staying with friends and kept some belongings in his Toyota Camry instead of taking them into the house where he was staying. He also kept belongings at Tate's home, she said.

Through tears and sobs, Tate said Green was a gentle, caring man and, despite a recent spat they've had, will remain a special person in her life.

"I don't think I've ever been loved more by anyone in my whole life," Tate said. "He loved me with his whole being."

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