The Southern York County school board voted Thursday night not to increase taxes above 2 percent.

That's the tax cap the state has established for the district for its 2013-14 budget.

The school board could ask voters to approve a state hike higher than that or ask the state for permission to exceed the cap, but has opted not to do so.

Wayne McCullough, Southern's chief financial and operations officer, wanted to clarify that the board was not voting for a 2 percent increase at this time; they were just voting to not exceed that number.

The proposed budget has not yet been released at this time. The district is waiting for Gov. Tom Corbett's budget speech next month, which will unveil proposed funding levels for school districts around the state.

McCullough did say the district is facing a deficit and it is possible that staffing reductions might be necessary to close the budget gap.

Southern has raised taxes by 1.32 and 1.96 percent the past two years.

The district's property tax rate is 17.17 mills. A 2 percent tax increase would amount to a tax hike of about $34 on a $100,000 home and $51 on a $150,000 home.