Nobody can blame West York football coach Ron Miller for wanting to remain loyal.

After taking the Bulldogs to the District 3-AAA title game this season, Miller found himself on the short list of candidates to replace Tim Rimpfel, who retired from his post as the coach at Cumberland Valley on Nov. 19.

It makes sense that Miller - and his 72-17 record with the Bulldogs - would catch the attention of a prestigious program looking to name just its third head coach since 1971. And even more sense that CV would offer him the job.

It's also perfectly understandable that Miller would test those waters and ultimately decide that it wasn't for him.

But publicly acknowledging his rejection of the offer, as Miller did Sunday to The York Dispatch, put CV in a tough position and publicly labeled the Eagles next coach as the school's second choice.

Had Miller simply rejected the offer without comment, CV could have very well made another offer to one of the remaining five finalists it gave final interviews to last week and named a coach at its Tuesday board meeting as originally intended. Instead the school was forced to withhold its decision and figure out the best way to go about the process now that Miller let the cat out of the bag.

The question now is where does CV go from here?


Athletic director Mike Craig said there isn't a definite time table to name a new coach, and wouldn't say whether or not the search committee would open the interview process back up. Craig is the former athletic director at Dover High School.

It's likely that the remaining finalists on that short list wouldn't feel slighted by being the second choice because it would in all likelihood still be a step up for whoever gets the job.

But there are other questions to consider.

The CV football program has known two styles of football since 1971. The Eagles ran out of the Wing-T under Rimpfel and out of the Power I-formation under Rimpfel's predecessor, Harry Chapman. The longer this process drags on, the less time the football program, from middle school on up, will have to acclimate to whatever new style is sure to come with a new coaching staff.

Don't expect it to drag on much longer, there's another board meeting scheduled for Feb. 4 and the Eagles could have a new coach by this time in two weeks.

But things could've been much easier for CV had Miller offered a simple "no comment."