The York City School Board has decided it wants to consider a resolution that could eventually lead to tax increase above the state limit.

The board decided at Monday's meeting it will put on next Wednesday's agenda a vote on whether to seek exceptions to the state's 2.7 percent property tax cap for York City schools.

The exceptions could allow York City to raise taxes by as much as 5.67 percent. A 5.67 percent increase would add $94 to the property tax bill of a $50,000 homeowner. Taxes have gone up nearly 14 percent the past two years.

But the board wouldn't be locked into going above the limit just by seeking exceptions. That just gives them the option, said Michael Miller, chairman of the finance committee.

Business manager Richard Snodgrass said last week the governor's proposed budget would cut York City's deficit of nearly $10 million by about half, which should limit the need for a tax increase.

In other action, the board heard a presentation about getting Penn State Extension's Urban 4-H program going in city schools. Coordinator Tia Bess said she wants three city schools to have a 4-H club plus other related activities.

The 4-H program helps students learn about topics of interest on anything from rocketry to photography to agriculture and more. Bess said grant funding would cover nearly all the costs.

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