So you want to crawl through a muddy tube, but you don't want to crawl through the longest, muddiest tube.

That will require math.

People will need both brains and brawn to pass a new mud-run course whose creator is hoping to take it nationwide.

The inaugural CerebRun will be held April 13 and 14 at Lauxmont Farms in Lower Windsor Township, the brainchild of a 2003 Dallastown Area graduate who now lives in East Prospect.

Jeff Neal, a 28-year-old office manager and fan of physical fitness, said the idea to mix mental and physical challenge in York came from a 2011 conversation about the growing popularity of mud runs such as the Tough Mudder and the Warrior Dash.

"We were trying to throw another element in there," he said. "There are a lot of (mud runs), but you have to wait in line to go through the mud or climb a wall."

Neal decided to give his run two routes to reduce the wait time. The premise is that some people will send themselves down a more difficult path by incorrectly answering a question posed.

Runners will be, for example, given an option to crawl through one of two tubes. But they'll have to first answer a math problem by solving for X.

"The wrong tube is longer and filthier," he said.

Other challenges: Runners will also be challenged to memorize symbols shown at the beginning of the race and later successfully recall them to be guided to the correct route to the end of the race.


Those who answer all questions correctly will run about 5 miles, he said, but wrong answers can lengthen the race by as much as two miles.

Neal said it'll take about a week to set up the 15 obstacles for the run, which travels through the bucolic hills and woods of the 1,200-acre Lower Windsor Township property.

The course can accommodate as many as 3,000 runners and spectators over the two-day event, Neal said. About 550 people have already registered to run and, while he considers that a success, he's expecting another few hundred to join before race day.

He's also expecting one or two spectators per runner, he said, so the crowd could number in the thousands.

While word has spread to some surrounding states, most of the current registrants are local, he said. The success of the outing could guide plans for expansion.

"We definitely have hopes to make it national, but we're doing this event first," he said.

How much? Registration for runners costs $80 for Saturday, April 13 and $75 for Sunday, April 14. Prices increase to $90 and $85, respectively starting March 28. Registration, which closes for runners on April 10, includes a T-shirt, one free beer, and entry to an after-party.

Spectator admission costs $10, but registration isn't required. Parking is free for vehicles bringing four or more people, but $10 for vehicles containing fewer people.

Lauxmont Farms is located at 1215 Long Level Road.

The first wave of will begin at 9 a.m., with each subsequent wave being released every 30 minutes.

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