Haar's Dillsburg drive-in goes digital Friday

About a week ago, South York Cinemas became the third and final theater in the Funtime Cinemas family to convert to digital projectors.

"We're still trying to work out the kinks," said Jessica Birkmire, general manager.

While Birkmire said she didn't know the exact cost of switching from 35mm to digital projection, the locally owned cinema chain was able to repurpose some equipment, such as shelving units, to curb costs.

Funtime Cinemas is also accepting donations to help decrease the cost. According to its website, the new projection equipment cost about $200,000, and donors have contributed about $5,000.

The conversion means the theaters will remain open, and the contributions may have helped to divert a raise in ticket prices.

"I don't foresee us having to raise our ticket prices," Birkmire said.

The new projection equipment is miles ahead of the soon-too-be antiquated 35mm film projectors, Birkmire said.

"The color's amazing," she said of the digital films. "Obviously you're not going to get scratches or tears."

Funtime Cinemas has two other locations, one in Harrisburg and the other in Willow Street.

To make a contribution to its Dollars for Digital campaign, go to funtimecinemas.com.

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