The numbers are in for estimated property tax relief through slots revenue for the 2013-14 school year.

No need for a drum roll -- it's about the same as last year.

York County will see an average of $170 in tax relief per home next school year, according to state estimates, about $3 more than this year. Final numbers come out in a few months.

If $170 does not sound like anything close to making a dent in your property tax bill, state Rep. Seth Grove hears you.

And he has some bad news.

"I think this might be it," Grove, R-Dover, said.

To qualify for tax relief, homeowners have to contact their municipality and file for "homestead status," which means the home is their primary place of residence; farmers can do the same thing for farms. The tax relief is then automatically deducted from their property tax bill.

Expectations: Gov. Ed Rendell, who rolled out the program to license slots casinos in exchange for generating property tax relief money, said about $1 billion a year would eventually go into tax relief.

About $612 million is available for next year, just about the same amount as usual.

Although a couple more casinos have yet to open, Grove said he doesn't see them making up a $400 million gap.

"I don't know if we're going to see more money in the pot," Grove said. He added the House Finance Committee will consider his and other property tax reform bills on June 3.

Highest in city: York City, because of its poverty, is expected to get the most relief at

$503 per homeowner next school year, $13 more than this year. But the district also has the highest taxes in the county.

West Shore is on the low end at $80 of relief per homeowner. Most districts went up a couple of dollars.

The state average cannot be calculated yet because several counties have yet to report data.

Information: For information on signing up for homestead status, contact the county assessor's office at 771-9232 or your local school district. The deadline for next year has passed, but applications can be taken for the following year.

Homeowners do not need to file for homestead status more than once after being accepted, and they should see on their property tax bill a line item with a direct reduction to their total after being enrolled.

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