This weekend, a massive court case was settled in Florida. A jury of six women found neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman not guilty of all charges in the shooting of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager.

Sandra Thompson, president of the York NAACP chapter, spoke from the organization's national convention in Orlando, Fla., about 30 minutes away from where the trial took place.

"Basically, our reaction mirrors the reaction of many people of color, many people who want justice," she said. "We have a history of differential treatment based on race and color. The people who say it's not a race issue are the people who are not civil rights advocates."

But change begins at the institutional level, Thompson said.

"We're trying to make changes in the system itself -- even Pennsylvania has a similar law. People of color are always on the wrong end of those type of laws," she said.

The theme of the NAACP's convention is "We shall not be moved."

"We are requesting a national demonstration - but peacefully," Thompson said. "We're not going to be moved. That is the spirit of what is now on the agenda for the NAACP."

Here are some reactions from other Yorkers:

-- Chris DeMarco, 45, York Township, property manager: "I think George Zimmerman is really lucky. Before the trial I thought for certain they would find him guilty. I think it's a sad day in this country that a teenager can be shot on the street. The verdict's in and people should respect it.


I'm not in favor of the Stand Your Ground law. It creates too much ambiguity with what was formerly self-defense, and I think it opens up a Pandora's box of what happened here."

-- Clarence Brown, 43, York City, musician: "It's not a race issue. The fact that somebody got killed -- you have someone who killed him -- it's like, well, so you can kill somebody."

-- Joann Spangler, 77, Spring Garden Township, retired: "As far as the Zimmerman verdict thing is concerned, I think it was the right verdict. The system is supposedly the fairest way to do it. If I was being followed, I would go home. And then it became a black and white issue, which it shouldn't be because Zimmerman is Hispanic. I hated to see it become a race thing. If it was two white guys, no one would've cared."

-- Woody Spangler, 77, Spring Garden Township, retired: "Everybody has an opinion. I think it's terrible. Everybody jumped on it and said 'Oh boy, I can make something out of this.'"

-- Al Grove, 62, Hellam Township, respiratory therapist: "I thought it was a fair verdict. It didn't seem like the prosecution had enough evidence. I didn't like all the racial tones; it shouldn't be about race at all. A lot of people try to take advantage of that. ... It divides the country."

-- McKenzie Wolf, 42, Jacobus, chiropractor's office: "I think we need to respect our justice system. These kids are growing up too fast, they're getting into situations they shouldn't be in. For those people who have (gun permits), it's a shame to try and take that away. It's sad, but it's a wakeup call."

-- Kendall Wolf, 15, Jacobus, student: "I just think that that they almost made this into such a big deal because it was black versus white. It's all self-defense. You see the blood pouring down the back of his head. It's absurd. It's in Florida, where there's a law justifying that it was OK, and you're still trying (to convict him). There was so little evidence against him that when they tried to prove he was guilty, it was almost a lost cause. It's sad in general, but it's justified."

-- Brian Roby, 21, Hopewell Township, student: "I think (Stand Your Ground) is pretty ridiculous. It's so vague, and they never really give any guidelines to it or anything. I'm not really for it. In my opinion, even though I'm going into law enforcement, I don't ever see the time where taking someone's life is justified."

-- Greg Wahlberg, 61, Dover Township, pastor at Calvary Baptist Church: "Any time there's a death, there's a tragedy and my heart goes out to those families. I thought it'd become sensationalized. I'm sure that the verdict was based on evidence."