Two hikers made a grisly discovery Thursday morning, finding human remains in a shallow Lower Chanceford Township stream.

The pair found the remains around 8 a.m., about 75 yards from River Road in a wooded area between the road and the Susquehanna River, according to state police.

State police spokesman Trooper Adam Reed said police could not release details about the quantity of bones found, adding that there's no evidence to suggest a crime was committed.

State police investigators blocked off the area and searched for more remains or evidence that could lead to an identification or cause of death, Reed said, but he declined to disclose whether or what more was found.

The remains have been sent to an independent forensic anthropologist to determine the age of the bones and the age and sex of the person, he said.

The process takes months, and Reed said the information gathered will be cross-referenced with reports of missing persons from the established time period, including reports from York, Lancaster, and Maryland. The secluded area is located near York's borders with Lancaster County and Harford County, Md.

The hills around the river are also known to have been home to native people, including the Susquehannock Indians. Reed said that with the age of the bones unknown, investigators are "not ruling anything out."

"We want to know how long (the bones) have been there," he said.


"In the past, perhaps heavy rains or some sort of flooding can expose things that were underground, but we can't speculate."

Anyone with information about the remains is asked to call state police at (717) 428-1011.

- Staff writer Greg Gross contributed to this report. Reach Christina Kauffman at