The newly created regional chapter of Heroes on the Water will hold its inaugural event this weekend at Lake Williams in York Township.

The nonprofit organization aims to get military veterans on the water for relaxing fishing excursions, said Dustin Miller of the Central Pennsylvania Chapter, and that's exactly what will happen Sunday.

Volunteers will be on hand to aid veterans as they paddle across Lake Williams and spend the day fishing.

"This is open to any veteran of any war," said Miller, the chapter founder. "It could be a 20-year-old. It could be a 60-year-old. All are welcome."

Gone fishing The free event kicks off at 8 a.m. and runs to 3 p.m. with a break for a grilled lunch in between. It will be held at the boat launch, just off Water Street.

Volunteers with Heroes on the Water, a national organization, will provide kayaks, personal floatation devices and fishing rods for participating veterans to use. All the veterans need to take care of is getting to the lake and making sure they have a fishing license, Miller said.

Miller said the atmosphere at the event, to be

held rain or shine, will be easy-going and relaxing.

"That's how we want it to be. Just a good time like you're out at the park for a picnic," he said.

Signing up: With a number of veterans already signed up, Miller said more are always welcome. Volunteers are also plentiful, but additional people can sign up to help, as well.


To be a volunteer, one must be willing to bring two kayaks, two personal floatation devices and two fishing rods -- one for the volunteer and one for a veteran.

For the most part, fishing is a way to get out in nature and relax and rejuvenate, and that's the thought behind Heroes on the Water, Miller said, adding it's also a way to support veterans.

"Every day we can get out on the water is a good day," he said. "There's a sense of camaraderie out there between the volunteers and the veterans."


How to get involved

Veterans who want to sign up for the free Heroes on the Water fishing event, to be held at Lake Williams on Sunday should contact Dustin Miller at (717) 512-9583, or at

Those wanting to volunteer at the event are also asked to contact Miller.

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