The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs are continuing across York County school districts, but individual policies vary. Know your school's policies before texting your child at lunch.

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Central: The high school will expand its iPad pilot program to include students in ninth and 10th grades. The district does not allow personal use of devices during the school day.

Dallastown: Students may use electronics for school purposes only.

Dover: Teachers may allow the use of electronics in the classroom at the high school level. The devices cannot be used for non-instructional purposes.

Eastern: Teachers may allow devices in the classroom. Otherwise, they are prohibited. The district is considering implementing a BYOD program in the high school.

Hanover Public: The middle school BYOD program will continue for a second year. All high school students are given a Chromebook for use in school and at home, but high school students can bring other devices as well.

Northeastern: Teachers may allow electronics for school-related use. Personal use of devices is not permitted.

Northern: The BYOD program in the middle school will continue after its pilot phase last year. Teachers in the high school may allow devices as well.


Students may use cellphones during free periods.

Red Lion: High school students may bring devices to school, following the BYOD pilot from last year. All devices must use the district's network.

South Eastern: The middle school BYOD program will continue, and will expand on a limited basis to the high school as teachers choose to follow the pilot model.

South Western: BYOD is in full effect at all school levels. Students may use their cellphones during the free periods between classes and at lunch.

Southern: BYOD is in effect at all levels. Students are permitted to use their devices in classrooms where the teacher has gone through training modeled after the pilot program. Students are not permitted to use devices for personal use during the school day.

Spring Grove: Students can use cellphones during free periods of the day, such as at lunch. Teachers can authorize the use of electronics for school purposes.

West Shore: The district has allowed students to bring electronic devices to school since 2011. Students may use cellphones for personal use during free periods.

West York: The BYOD programs will expand from the high school to include eighth grade this year. The program may begin in fifth grade in the second half of the year. Students in the high school may use their cellphones during free periods during the day, such as between classes.

York City: Students may not use electronic devices in school at this time. However, Assistant Superintendent Tamara Willis said the policy is under review, and may be updated in September.

York Suburban: Students may use electronic devices for school purposes in the classroom. The acceptable use policy also allows for nonverbal communication, such as texting, during free periods in specified areas in the high school.