Aaron Jolley Jr.
Aaron Jolley Jr.

A Hanover man accused of threatening to kill a woman he thought was a police informant had his intimidation charge dropped because the woman was neither a victim of a crime nor a witness to one, a prosecutor said.

Aaron "AJ" Jolley Jr., 25, of 122 E. Chestnut St., instead pleaded guilty Wednesday to third-degree misdemeanor harassment and a summary disorderly conduct charge, according to court records.

He was sentenced to a year of probation and ordered to pay a $300 fine and court costs.

Jolley was in the 100 block of Carlisle Street in Hanover about 7:15 p.m. April 9 when he saw a woman he knows speaking with a Hanover police officer, court documents state.

The officer then spotted a man he knew was a wanted fugitive and arrested him, documents state.

The fugitive is friends with Jolley, who assumed the woman had "snitched" to the officer about the wanted man, according to deputy prosecutor Alex Hallman.

Spit in face: Jolley confronted the woman and said, "Watch it, I might kill you," then spit on her face and shirt before being pulled away from her by another person in the area, court documents state.

The woman, whose name

was not listed in court documents, was visibly shaken and told police she was afraid for her life and the life of her child, according to documents.

"The problem is, she wasn't a snitch," Hallman said. "She was speaking with Hanover (Police) about something completely unrelated.

"Based on that, she was neither a victim nor a witness," the prosecutor said.


And that meant Jolley couldn't be convicted of the charge.

However, by spitting in the woman's face Jolley did commit a misdemeanor and pleaded guilty to it, Hallman noted.

The victim did not oppose the plea, he said.

Jolley's defense attorney, Heather Reiner, did not return a phone message seeking comment.

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