When Tammy Gordon learned Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and convicted dogfight leader Michael Vick was to come to Springettsbury Township for an autograph signing, she quickly took action.

Though the North Carolina woman doesn't have ties to the area, she created the "Boycott JJ Cards N Toys for their support of Michael Vick" page on Facebook.

"We have been boycotting Michael Vick since his reinstatement into the NFL," Gordon said in an email. "Our goal is to target companies who continue to endorse and affiliate themselves with Vick, to educate them about gravity of his crimes, and ask them to reconsider their involvement with him."

Vick spent 18 months in federal prison for heading an illegal dogfighting ring.

Joe Bartolo, co-owner of JJ Cards N Toys, which has locations in the Galleria mall and the North Hanover Mall, organized the signing event.

Threats: Bartolo said he received between 60 and 80 degrading emails a day since Thursday, many of which threaten him, his wife and their three children. The event has since been cancelled.

Gordon said supporters of the JJ Cards N Toys boycott and others are asked to "refrain from cursing and threatening language" when they contact businesses and organizations.

"We think that sending a message in a polite, yet firm, voice gets the best results," she said.

As of Tuesday night, the boycott Facebook page, which was created Sunday, had 59 "likes.



Gordon said she intends to continue boycotting companies that affiliate with Vick until he "makes real amends for his actions and shows true remorse."

"It is our position that this is not a man that anyone should be endorsing as a 'hero,'" she said.

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