The Dallastown Area School District will get another chance to compare costs for building a turf field when it accepts a second round of construction bids in November.

The second round of bidding was initiated after school board member Michael Noll suggested looking at different options for possible cost savings. Noll is on the buildings and grounds committee for the district, which oversees the project.

Noll said Thursday the new bidding process could begin Nov. 8 if the approval process with York Township goes as planned.

The project was originally presented to contractors in two parts: One bid was for the site work needed to prepare for the installation, and the second bid was for the turf field itself.

This time, the bidding will happen in a "turn-key" style, meaning the site work and turf will be joined into one project bid.

Noll said the bidding specifications will be posted on the district's website. The district will open the bid three weeks after the township approves the project.

Part of the change includes a difference in the storm water retention requirements this time. Noll said that would mean less piping required, fewer materials and, hopefully, a lower cost for the project.

Of the previous bids for the project, Noll had recommended an option to the board in September that would cost an estimated $902,913.

Noll said he does not think the turn-key bids will exceed the previously bids for the project.


Raising the money: So far the Dallastown Area Educational Foundation has raised $300,263 for the turf field project.

The school board decided to raise the funds through the foundation instead of using taxpayer funds from the district.

Lauren Rock, a school board member and part of the foundation, said there will be an ad-hoc meeting at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 6, to discuss fundraising ideas for the project.

The meeting is in the Dallastown board room and is open to students, parents and other community members interested in getting involved.

Noll said he is hoping for a start time of June 2014 for the field to be constructed.

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