Private schools in York County want to encourage families affected by the ruling to close New Hope Academy to not rule them out.

Four schools have sent out the message that they are open and available as an option for education if parents are researching where to send their children.

York Country Day School, Christian School of York, York Catholic and Logos Academy released a statement saying their schools have openings for students.

Tuition assistance is available for attending those schools and is available through the state. York Catholic principal Katie Seufert said the school also offers assistance beyond what the state offer, for those who qualify.

Seufert said students will be able to transition most easily during the semester break, and suggested interested parents contact the admissions counselor, Heather Hoffman, in the near future to learn more about the options.

The fours schools acknowledge the unexpected nature of the closing, and said in the release they are ready to assist parents seeking to learn more information.