Jessica Ness wants a Christmas Tree Shop.

Gloria Moul Irvin asked for a Bed Bath & Beyond.

Alisa Aguillon hopes to get an Apple store.

These are just a few retailers Yorkers would like to see move into West Manchester Mall.

The 32-year-old, largely vacant shopping hub is set for a $47 million renovation.

Area residents weighed in on The York Dispatch's Facebook page, giving their wish list to developers through social media.

The majority of nearly 200 requests were for a Trader Joe's, Wegmans or Whole Foods.

Some commenters asked for simple things: a decent bookstore or place to get a good burger.

Others were more specific like, Irvin.

"Michaels, Christmas Tree Shop, Ulta, Bed Bath & Beyond ... or any one of a number of stores that are only on the east side of York. West York needs to compete with the other side of town to bring more commerce to the west side," she posted.

Kimberly Smead asked for a Carrabba's Italian Grill, saying local residents "need real Italian food."

Robert Godfrey asked for Crate and Barrel, Nordstroms, Williams-Sonoma and more.

But another commenter, Tina Giles, didn't agree with those high-end retailers.

"Mr. Godfrey, we aren't that rich in this end of town. Those stores belong in the east end!" she said.

Unless they're shopping online, most Yorkers drive to Lancaster, Harrisburg or Maryland to visit many of the retailers commenters said they'd like to see open as part of the mall's redesign.

When construction will begin is unclear, as developers are still working to attract retailers and restaurants to the site, officials said.

A year ago, brush was cleared to make the property more visible and attractive to tenants.

The plans have also captured the attention of local shoppers.

"When are they starting?" asked Pam Fitzgerald. "It can't be too soon!"

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