A Gettysburg man faces deer-poaching charges for the second time in six months, the state Game Commission said.

Andrew Klinefelter, 26, was caught Nov. 10, 2012 while killing a deer at night from a vehicle and while using an artificial light, according to Adams County Wildlife Conservation Officer Darren David.

The officer found blood from two other illegally killed deer on a tarp Klinefelter had with him, the Game Commission said.

Klinefelter is charged with various poaching offenses, including first-degree misdemeanors.

Klinefelter was charged in April after being caught poaching Dec. 24, 2011, officials said.

A subsequent investigation ended with Klinefelter being charged with multiple counts including unlawful possession of deer taken out of season and misdemeanor drug charges.

The big-game violations, which included six felony counts, were reduced to misdemeanors as part of a plea agreement with the Adams County District Attorney's Office.