The West York council this week voted down a measure that would have allowed police to enforce an ordinance that regulates how long a vehicle can be parked in one spot on a street.

A motion to install signs that would have alerted motorists to the ordinance's 72-hour parking limit was voted down 4-3 during a meeting on Monday.

Council members Brian Wilson, Shelley Metzler and Annette "Chickie" Christine voted in favor while Steve Herman, Shane Louthian, Nancy Laird and Tim Berkheimer voted against it.

The vote came after a resident questioned why signs that were installed recently near her home have since been removed.

Ticket: Mayor Sam Firestone said he received a parking ticket after one of his vehicles was allegedly parked in the same spot for more than 72 hours.

Under the advice of his attorney, Firestone said he fought the ticket and was found not guilty by District Judge Walter Groom because the ordinance was not properly posted on signs.

According to court records, Firestone was cited with the parking violation in February, and Groom found him not guilty in August.

Parking signs were later installed at the direction of police Chief Justin Seibel, but Firestone ordered them removed, according to a memo that was widely circulated on the Internet and given to a resident during Monday's meeting.

The memo, dated Oct. 22, says only the council has the authority to order the signs installed and "disciplinary action will be forthcoming" if signs aren't removed.

"It had nothing to do with me," Firestone said. "Any action like that has to be run through council."

Vote: As Wilson made a motion to put the signs back up, he told Firestone, "You're not above the law."

After the dissenting votes struck down the motion, Herman said he voted no because he wants residents to form a caucus to decide the matter after the general election, which was Tuesday.

Berkheimer lost his seat in Tuesday's election and Louthian lost his seat in the primary. Wilson and Metzler won re-election. Mary Wagner and Nick Laughman were also victorious and will join council in January.

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