The West York School District's business manager will serve as part of a committee to determine if tax increases will occur with the proposed $47 million renovation to the West Manchester Mall.

The committee will determine whether the plan goes through as proposed, which will essentially pause any tax increases for a certain amount of time during the development period. The school board will need to approve any formal proposal that is made for the plan.

The school board voted unanimously to appoint George Fike to the committee that will discuss a Tax Increment Finance plan for the mall expansion.

Fike will join representatives from York County and West Manchester Township at a meeting Wednesday to determine a plan for taxing the property as the mall's value increases with the renovations.

The plan is an economic development tool that allows the taxing bodies to contribute to the cost of economic development projects that benefit their areas.

As part of that plan, the three groups must agree to give the money generated from the increased assessment on the property back to the project over a period of 10 to 20 years.

The specifics of that duration will be discussed at the meeting Wednesday.

Emilie Lonardi, superintendent of the school district, said at a board planning meeting Nov. 12 she recommended Fike to serve on the committee because of his business background.

Fike will report back to the board in December about the outcomes of the meeting.


The tax base from the mall as it is assessed now will remain the same during the renovation time, according to a release from the school district.

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