Sean Scarboro
Sean Scarboro

Just when it seemed Sean Scarboro's day couldn't get any worse, a selfless gesture from a woman he's never met put him back in the holiday spirit.

The Manchester man said he just wishes he'd had a chance to properly thank her.

Scarboro, 21, was on his way to a job interview about 8:30 a.m. Wednesday when a wheel came off his car on the Church Road overpass that spans Interstate 83 in Manchester Township, according to Lt. David Lash of Northern York County Regional Police.

Fire police were directing traffic around Scarboro's disabled car when a driver stopped.

Act of kindness: "She pulled up to the fire policeman, handed him five 20 bills and said, 'Please give this to the young man who lost the wheel. He looks like he could use it,'" Lash said.

The Manchester Township fire police officer gave the money to a Northern Regional police officer, who handed it to Scarboro, the lieutenant said.

"He was speechless," Lash said. "He asked if we knew who the person was so he could thank them."

But the good Samaritan didn't leave her name, so the police officer suggested Scarboro simply be grateful and try to keep the good will going by doing something nice for someone else, Lash said.

No joke: When the officer counted out the cash for him, "I thought it was a joke," Scarboro said.

Scarboro said he tries to do nice things for people, but the woman's generosity has inspired him to try harder to pay it forward.


"I would like to tell her thank you," he said. "I really appreciate it. ... That came from the heart. The holiday spirit got her."

Scarboro said he certainly can use the cash.

Looking for job: "I was actually on the way to a job interview when the tire fell off," he said. "I had just gotten four new tires (put on the car) a day-and-a-half before."

Scarboro's job interview was rescheduled to Friday, he said, and he's hoping to have his car fixed soon.

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