School districts that want to save costs but don't have an in-house cyber school program of their own can cooperate with the Lincoln Intermediate Unit, a regional educational service to the public school districts.

Alan Moose, a site manager at the intermediate unit, said the organization works with about half the school districts in York County to provide cyber options that retain district oversight for funding.

Lincoln Enhanced Digital Growth Environment, or Lincoln EDGE, has been in operation since January 2012, and has 33 students enrolled this year, according to Moose.

Moose said the cost for a non-special education student to attend the Lincoln EDGE program is $5,335 -- about half the cost of students who leave a school district for a cyber school.

Students with the most educational needs have a tuition of $9,485, compared to an estimated $20,000 in tuition for other cyber charter schools.

Lincoln EDGE students receive a laptop and a hotspot for Internet access. The program also has an onsite session on Wednesdays available to all enrolled students for extra support and in-person tutelage. Students are still eligible for their home district's extracurricular events.

Moose said school districts maintain control over the finances: The districts work with parents to determine transportation needs to the intermediate unit if necessary, and the district can also recommend other options first, such as their own cyber programs.

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