Owner Bob Elmiger, left, and store manager Steve Stoppard pose with Elmiger’s dog and store namesake Bailee at Bailee’s Homebrew & Wine
Owner Bob Elmiger, left, and store manager Steve Stoppard pose with Elmiger's dog and store namesake Bailee at Bailee's Homebrew & Wine Supplies at 2252 Industrial Highway Tuesday. Stoppard will be closing his Mr. Steve's Homebrew & Wine Supplies to work with Elmiger. The store is slated to open Jan. 15. (BILL KALINA — bkalina@yorkdispatch.com)

Bailee is a certified mutt and rescue dog, and next month she'll be the face of a new business in Springettsbury Township.

Owner Bob Elmiger decided to name Bailee's Homebrew and Wine Supply after his beloved 6-year-old girl.

"She's already here at the shop with me," he said while getting the new space ready for customers on Wednesday.

The business at 2252 Industrial Highway will open Wednesday, Jan. 15.

It will be the only such business in York County, as Mr. Steve's Homebrew and Wine Supplies will close Dec. 31.

"I'm setting up for retirement," said Steven B. Stoppard, the 59-year-old owner of the store at 2944 Whiteford Road.

By retirement he means going to serve as store manager of the new Bailee's Homebrew and Wine Supply, where he will draw on his 21 years in the business to do all the ordering and teach classes.

"I'm accustomed to working such long hours that an eight-hour day will be a blessing," Stoppard said.

"I'll never fully retire," he said. "Sitting still is just not what I do."

Staying active is something he has in common with the 62-year-old Elmiger.

"I'll never be ready to retire, I'm still playing rugby, and I'm just not ready to give in to age," Elmiger said.

The church elder and homebrewer said he's opening the business because it's time for a change.

"I've been in construction for 38 years, but in the last five years I really got into homebrewing," Elmiger said.

He struggled to find similarities between building and brewing.

"How do you compare night and day," Elmiger said.

Homebrewing and wine making have undeniable health benefits, he said.

"You can make your own beer and wine for half the cost at a higher quality, and I want to help people do that," Elmiger said.

Upon opening in January, Bailee's Homebrew and Wine Supply will have hours from 10 a.m to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

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