Shoppers determined to find deals after Christmas didn't let the Thursday morning snowfall deter them from venturing to the malls and other York area shopping centers.

Jenny Parker of Abbottstown started her shopping in Hanover at 6:30 a.m. and continued through the morning, despite the slippery roads.

"I didn't care," she said, laughing.

Parker said she typically shops the day after Christmas, looking for deals after the holiday and using gift cards she receives. Parker was at the York Galleria with her daughter, Mallory, and the two were looking for savings at New York & Company, Victoria's Secret and the Shoe Dept.

Shopper Chris Hubbard of York said the snow didn't bother her Thursday morning: She had been out for a run in the middle of it. But Hubbard said it was the first time she had been shopping the day after Christmas in several years. Hubbard wasn't looking for anything in particular, but bought clothing for herself at Christopher & Banks and a gift at Gymboree, a children's clothing store.

Looking for savings: Bridget Green and her husband, Jack, have made a habit of visiting their son in York for the Christmas holiday, and have also spent the day after Christmas at the mall, hunting for deals on ribbon and wrapping paper for the next year. The couple, who live in Virginia, pick up about four rolls of wrapping paper at discounted prices for the next Christmas season.

Jim and Chris Berkheimer of Spring Grove picked out a 24-inch TV at Best Buy in the York Town Center, glad to take advantage of the $15 gift certificate Best Buy offered on sales of $100 or more. The TV is a belated gift for Jim's mother at the Pleasant Acres nursing home.

Tralana Mace and Jordie Valero were also looking at TVs, but as a gift for themselves. Mace said her mother was going to buy the TV for them, but the two needed to choose which one they wanted.

Valero said Best Buy is "the only stop" for electronics, and the couple was looking for a TV between 28 and 32 inches for the bedroom that would be the highest quality display for the best price.

Smaller lines: Several shoppers noted the smaller crowds they found at the York Galleria, which they said made for a less stressful shopping experience.

Carla Owens of Red Lion said she and her husband, Larry, spent time in Bon-Ton and JC Penney, but didn't have to deal with many lines.

"It was actually low-key," Owens said.

Margarita Torres of York was at the mall with her niece and daughter, but had taken a break to rest with her piles of bags from JC Penney.

Torres said her main goal was to find deals on clothing for her family. She found clothes she plans to wear for a New Year's celebration with her family and gloves and sweatpants for her sons. Torres, too, was glad for the slow pace of her shopping day.

"I thought it was going to be a headache, but no," Torres said.

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