For the first time in history, the Pennsylvania Farm Show is serving up pork in a new form.

Leave it up to the Bacon Boys, Sam Malis and Ryan Herr, both 19 and of Camp Hill, to explain the phenomenon.

"They love the bacon," Malis said. "People of all ages love it."

Makin' bacon: Their stand, run by PennAg, began selling bacon bundles -- six strips for $3 -- this year. There are four flavors: original, ranch, Old Bay and the No. 1 seller, BBQ.

The BBQ flavor, which features a sweet, tangy taste, uses dry rub from Hess's BBQ, located in Lancaster, Herr said. Consumers have also been eating up the Old Bay strips, he said.


"Salt-lovers love it," he said.

As bacon sizzled behind the counter, Malis noted that although people joke about how unhealthy it is, they still buy it -- a testament to farm show custom.

"There's zero calories at the farm show this week," he said.

Tons of it: PennAg's food booth has existed for many years and promotes different food products from Pennsylvania, said Amy Bradford, PennAg assistant vice president.

It started as a poultry booth but implemented pork 12 years ago. This year, officials wanted to add another item, and bacon was a natural choice, she said.

"There's such a craze and fascination with people about it," Bradford said.

Then came the idea to add different flavors. About a dozen pork producers blind tasted about 18 different flavors, picking the top four, she said. The original bacon flavor was good enough to come out in the top.

The meat itself is a typical Hatfield thick-sliced bacon you'd get at a grocery store, Bradford said.

Without knowing how well it'd sell, she ordered an initial 2,000 pounds. After selling 825 pounds on Saturday, she's already placed an order for another 1,500 pounds.

"It's been really popular," she said. "We've been really pleased."

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