The Springettsbury Township Board of Supervisors on Monday evening elected a new board chairman and other officials during its annual reorganization meeting.

Near the end of his second, six-year term, Supervisor George Dvoryak was elected board chairman and already has an agenda in mind.

"Traffic flow is a problem we hear about most often from township residents. We may not be able to solve every traffic problem, but we can look into them," he said.

With the full support of the other four board members, Dvoryak said he wants to continue serving "one of the premier municipalities in York County."

"Generally, people like living and working here. I want to help the township persevere and get even better," he said.

Term limits: Supervisor Julie Landis said term limits would help improve the township. That's why she led several motions -- many of which were voted down -- to replace township officials who have served in their roles for eight or more years.

"We have people who have been here since 2000, some prior to that. We have other residents who are interested in serving in local government, but we rubber stamp the same people every year," she said.

"I'm not saying they're not doing a good job, but let's give others a chance to serve and share fresh ideas," Landis added.

At issue was whether a Spring Garden Township resident, Austin Hunt, should serve as the citizen-at-large representative on the York Area United Fire & Rescue Commission.


"We pay a majority of YAUFR's budget. We should have a citizen-at-large from (Springettsbury Township)," Landis said.

Dvoryak said Hunt, who has served in the role for nearly a decade, is a man of great character and more qualified than any other candidate he is aware of.

Hunt was reappointed for the position by a 3-2 vote; Supervisors Dvoryak, William Schenck and Mark Swomley voted yes, and Landis and Kathleen Phan voted no.

Change in titles: Landis led two successful motions in which two titles held by township manager John Holman were transferred to township finance director Jack Hadge.

In addition to his duties as finance director, Hadge will also serve as township treasurer and representative to the York Adams Tax Bureau.

As township manager, Holman will continue to oversee the positions in which he was replaced.

Both new appointments passed by a 3-2 vote; Supervisors Dvoryak, Landis and Phan voted yes, and Schenck and Swomley voted no.

Landis, who said after the meeting that the township needs to cut spending, voted to give Hadge a $3,000 stipend for his additional role as township treasurer.

That motion failed 2-3; Landis and Phan voted yes, and Dvoryak, Schenck and Swomley voted no.

When Holman served as treasurer, he never received a stipend, he said.

Other changes could be in store for the township, according to Landis.

"I'm making a list of necessary changes, from the highest to lowest priorities, and hopefully the rest of the board will as well. We need to cut spending, we have unfunded pensions, and we haven't settled a contract with the Teamsters in two years. We'll have an executive session and discuss matters," she said.

According to the Sunshine Act, executive session -- a meeting closed to the public -- has limits and can be used to discuss personnel, litigation, to consider the purchase or lease of real property and to talk about certain confidential documents that may include income tax returns, medical records and public assistance grants.

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